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When Your Hand Is Open To Give, It Is Also Open To Receive. 

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! We are a boutique network of inspired professionals and entrepreneurs, both Dutch and International. We value authentic relationships and great service, and focus on giving and connecting at our monthly events. Would you like to join us some time?

The OHC Platform

The core members of our network are all service driven entrepreneurs – both Dutch and International. The focus of the Open Hand Cafe is to create a platform that gives those entrepreneurs the exposure they deserve – for their quality and client focused services.
At the Open Hand Cafe we do not focus on quantity and attracting as many members as possible. Instead we focus on assembling a team of truly client focused businesses, who we KNOW give exceptional, quality service. The Open Hand Cafe aims to be a quality seal for “great service”.

The OHC Events

At our monthly meetings, everyone is invited who wants to simply socialize with some inspiring people and make new friends. On top of that, you’ll get the chance to talk with our core members and get some free, informal advice over a nice drink.

See for yourself. This is a video of our Christmas drinks last year.

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